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Hijli College


(NAAC Accredited)
Recognized by UGC under section 2(f) and 12-B and
Affiliated to Vidyasagar University

About the department

Glimpse of Geography Department

Being initiated in September 1995, the Dept. of Geography experiences a steep growth and presently has faculty strength of 6 members and student strength of 120. We envision that the department will continue to build its reputation as one of the leading undergraduate geography programs under the Vidyasagar University in the areas of mapping science, global systems analysis, earth science, environmental analysis and planning and urban and regional planning. Geography faculty will work to maintain, update and improve the curricula associated with these outstanding programs. We will also build on existing strengths by working towards the implementation of the climate systems science concentration. The department will continue to explore the development of post graduate programs. The department will continue to play a significant and vital role in the general education program through the maintenance and improvement of Geography (like physical geography, human geography and world regional geography). Our programs and curricula will provide a balance of theory and technical skills, equipping students with an academic background that prepares them to address environmental, planning and other geographically-oriented problems. We aim to aid our students in developing the capacity for both innovative and integrative thinking in a variety of professional and intellectual contexts. In order to help realize this demanding set of goals, the department will seek to add dynamic new faculty with a strong commitment to teaching and undergraduate research and with high potential to contribute to the enhancement of geographic and experiential education at Hijli College premises.

Student Profile

The largest part of the students admitted of this college is from rural area with Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe community. They come generally from socially and economically underprivileged classes. However, they often show signs of an appreciable performance.

Changes in Courses

The course outline of Geography at under-graduate level was most recently revised in 2017-2018 following the recommendations of UGC. The then syllabus committee represented the Board of Studies that revised the syllabus.

Success rate and dropout rate

The department has demonstrated an excellent inclination in achievement or success rate of students. The accomplishment rate of UG students is more and the dropout rate is almost negligible.

Learning Resources of the department

The department is outfitted with latest laboratories equipments, seminar library and computers as the teaching learning resources for our students which are as follows.

  1. Library: For UG students, there is a central library in Hijli College with a departmental seminar library where the sufficient number of books on different aspects of Geography is highly circulated throughout the academic session.
  2. Laboratory: There is a big laboratory for UG students equipped with necessary instruments like Theodolite, Dumpy-level, Prismatic Compass, Clinometer, Abny’s Level, Digital Thermometer, Higrometer, Barometer, Digital Current Meter, Tracing Tables, Topo sheets, Satellite imageries, Soil Kit and Soil Sieve with shaker, different rocks and minerals specimen etc.
  3. Other Resources: The department has a wealthy collection of learning resources like maps, models, charts and Atlas along with smart class room and projectors with internet facilities etc for easy learning of learners.

Modern teaching methods

Apart from classroom teaching learning, Department mostly depends on field survey and educational excursions to regions of different sorts of terrains and topology throughout the nation.

Academic and personal Counseling

The faculty members take dedicated attention in providing scholastic counseling to our students. We keep them updated and rationalized regarding different avenues available to them after completing their graduation degree.

Faculty development programmes

In the last five years, Dr N.K. Barman, HOD, Dept. of Geography has complete one Orientation course one Refresher course. Mrs. Enakshi Sinha Das has also completed one NPTL course. Dr. Barman has also completed a winter school organized by Vidyasagar University.

Participation in academic activities

  1. Teaching- All the faculty associates are recurrently concerned in teaching, (theory and practical), each faculty taking about 16 periods per week. Mrs. Mun Mun Nandy is actively engaged in research work for her Doctoral Degree.
  2. B. Other Academic Activities- Our faculty members are consistently implicated in other college activities, like proctorship, admission, examination, evaluation, etc.

Collaboration with other departments and institutions

Dr N.K. Barman works in collaboration with Geography Department of Seva Bharati Mahavidyalaya, Kapgari, Jhargram and also with Egra SSB Mahavidyalaya, Egra, Purba Medinipur. Mrs. Mun Mun Nandy is doing her research works with department of Geography, Panskura Banamali College. Mr. Mukul Maity has also been working with Ravenshaw University since 2016 for doctoral degree. Mr. Kartick Chandra Rishi has been working with Utkal University since 2016.

Priority Areas of Research and Publications

Coastal Geomorphology and Environmental Management, Regional Planning and Rural development, Cartography and Remote sensing also.

Placement record of Students

We have a good record placement of students in different fields like Teacher, Professor, Research Scholar, and Officers.

Mission of Geography Department

The Department of Geography is committed to offering to our student the highest quality instruction and mentoring. We can provide commensurate with the mission and goals of Hijli College. High quality instruction in the programs leading to majors in Geography, Earth Science, Environmental Analysis and Planning and Urban and Regional Planning necessitates mastery of a variety of skills in spatial analysis, application of fieldbased techniques and interpretation, analytical laboratory practices and the use of technology in addition to a clear understanding of key concepts and basic methodology. Our commitment also includes preparation of our students to think like geographers, earth scientists and planners, to cherish and enhance our communities and the natural environment and to assume significant roles in problem solving using critical thinking, research and communication skills developed in their learning experience.


The objective of the College is striving to achieve the stated vision and mission statements through its action plans and relevant activities.

The vision, mission and objectives of the Department are communicated to the students, teachers, staff and other stakeholders through

  • The Annual Prospectus and Website of the College.
  • Meeting/interaction with the stakeholders.
  • Activities and planned sharing with other department.

Assessment of the Regional Problems

The department looks forward to evaluate the regional resource endowment along with the problems in utilizing them through periodical field survey. As such the vision of the department has been set to appraise and manage the quasi-natural hazards associated with land degradation, forest resource depletion, coastal erosion, flooding and water logging, drought, economic backwardness in marginal environments, problems of adjustment in the increasing uncertainties etc. which have assumed regional importance.

Exploration of Regional Potentialities

The department carries out studies to explore the regional potentialities through promotion of tourism and recreation, sustainable use of forest resources, scientific operation of marine and farm fishing, commercialization of agricultural activities and exploration of market opportunities, mobilization of water resources and environmental evaluation of terrains for their judicious utilization.