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Hijli College


(NAAC Accredited)
Recognized by UGC under section 2(f) and 12-B and
Affiliated to Vidyasagar University

Centralized Online Admission 2024 Helpline: 7908062179 / 9332440969 / 8101801993 / 9932910464 / 9647471711 / 9494831988 / 9434031076 / 9593800050 / 9474756477 / 9064485285 / 7583947660 / 7602849030 / 6295171662 / 9093561603 / 9434155248

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Tender Notice

12/7/2024 Sealed quotation is invited from bonafide contractors for construction of Pump House with one door and one window 27/6/2024 Tender Notice for purchase of Library Books 15/6/2024 E-tender notice for Extension of staircase of Common Room and Toilet building, Feeting, fixing of steel doors, windows with MS Angle and sheet of Girls' Hostel (UGC Scheme) 14/3/2024 Invite quotation for printing College Magazine 2/1/2024 Tender Notice for Granite fitting work under grill at the corridor (ground floor) 18/12/2023 Tender 2nd Call for Grill granite fitting word under grill at the corridor 2/12/2023 Tender Notice for Granite fitting work under grill at the corridor (ground floor) of the College 29/11/2023 Tender Notice for Students ID Card 23/9/2023 Notice for 2nd Call of Tender, which was publish on 04/09/2023 14/9/2023 Extension (Staircase) of Common Room and Toilet Building for Hijli College 4/9/2023 Tender Notice for Surface Dressing , Drainage system and Concrete Water Tank repairing at Water Harvesting Block of Hijli College 26/7/2023 Tender Notice for Electrical and Generator repairing works 3/6/2023 Tender notice for UG Admission Portal for the session 2023-24 6/12/2022 Inviting Tender for Sound System for Seminar Hall 26/7/2022 Notice for inviting Re-tender for Construction for common room and toilet building 21/7/2022 Tender Notice for Air Conditioner, UV Water Purifier and Inverter 23/6/2022 Tender notice for UGC Women's Hostel remaining work, Canteen repairing, Drain, painting etc. 21/6/2022 E-tender for Construction for Common Room and Toilet building 2/6/2022 Tender Notice for Electrical items 14/5/2022 Tender for Desktop, Xerox, Electrical work etc. 17/2/2022 Tender notice for Identity Card 3/1/2022 Tender Notice 23/1/2021 Tender notice for Boys and Girls toilet with dressing room 23/1/2021 Construction of Principal's Office with toilet 23/1/2021 Tender Notice for inviting quotation for Building materials 20/1/2021 Notice for Tender Memo No. HC/Building/TEN/03/2021 dated 20/01/2021 20/1/2021 Notice for Memo No. HC/Building/TEN/04/2021 dated 20/01/2021 20/1/2021 Notice for Tender No.HC/Building/TEN/01/2021 dated 20/01/2021 20/1/2021 Notice for Tender No.HC/Building/TEN/02/2021 20/1/2021 Notice for Tender No. HC/Building/TEN/06/2021 dated 20/01/2021 20/1/2021 Notice for Tender No. HC/Building/TEN/05/2021 dated 20/01/2021 6/2/2020 Tender Notice for CCTV, Biomatrics etc 6/2/2020 Tender notice for Fixing Grill 1/10/2019 Tender Notice for Physics Department 21/8/2019 2nd Call for Auction of Trees 30/7/2019 Notice Inviting Tender for Books 25/5/2019 Tender Notice for Desktop and Accessories 10/5/2019 Spot Auction of Trees 6/5/2019 Tender Notice for Building Meterials 6/5/2019 Tender Notice for Almirah 1/3/2019 Tender Notice for GUARD No. HC/TEN/GEN/02/2019 9/1/2019 Tender NoticeNo.HC/TEN/GEN/01/2019 for Gate 20/11/2018 Tender Notice for Geography Department 12/10/2018 Tender Notice for Physics Dept. 15/9/2018 Tender Notice for Aquaguard Water Purifier & Honda Inverter Generator 25/6/2018 Urgent Tender notice for printing and stationaries

University Notice

Welcome to Hijli College

Hijli College started functioning from August 1995.Bounded by vastly stretched forest of sal, Akashmoni and Eucalyptus on one side, the college is situated in the midst of a green meadow of Kuchlachati, about 1.5 Km,towards the eastern side of the Prembazar Health Centre. For quite sometime, the residents of Hijli Co-operative society, Sonamukhi, Kuchlachati and many other localities around have been facing severe problems owing to the absence of an academic institution in the region, which would provide higher education to their wards.

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Dr. Asis Kumar Dandapat, Hijli College Principal

From Principal's Desk

Welcome to the Website of Hijli College, an institution where excellence is tradition. Hijli College is for those who shall be pioneers, for those who shall experiment with the cutting edge of contemporary thought and creative expression, for those who shall dare give shape to their aspirations and cherished dreams.

Dr. Asis Kumar Dandapat,

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College Information

Establishment Vide No 118 Edn(CS)/4C-35/86, Dated: Calcutta, the 1st March, 1995, Govt. of West bengal
Vidyasagar University Affiliation VU/IC/GB/31/95-96 dated: May 03, 1995
UGC Recognition a) 2(f) Memo No- F.No. 8-5/96(CPP-I) dated 9th March 1998
b) 12(B) Memo No- F.No. 8-5/96(CPP-I) dated 9th March 1998
Campus Area College Campus - 10.36 acres






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